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Setting: Modern day earth. Enter Neka, a girl with unusual features, such features that those around her don't quite understand. She's the only one of her kind, and because of that she is shunned and is an outcast. Her days keep on getting worse, until one day, something strange happens; she's not so alone anymore. Things would get easier from there on, right? Wrong. Things only get harder from there. FYI: An old comic re-posted to continue. Will remake pages when necessary. Updated every Monday and Wednesday -sometimes Friday-

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And the cycle never ends...

Hello everyone. Today is the day where ADLS gets added and updated regularly again, for the last time (hopefully). This comic has been up and running multiple times on SJ, so if there are familiar fans(?) then I hope you join us again, as this will be continued.

This comic will not be colored sadly, as my co-artist who does that stuff is no longer among us.

I love you and miss you little sis Kiye.

This is dedicated to her, I do hope that she sees this some way...some how.

Now, without further ado: A Different Life Style:Redux.

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